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Our free online GPX to KML converter does not require registration or additional software installation on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Our online GPX to KML converter is 100% free and works with any modern browser like Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Convert your hiking, cycling or any other outdoor adventure track anywhere without the need of additional software. Only a working internet connection is required.

What is a GPX file?
GPX (GPS Exchange Format) is an open standard used for interchange of GPS data between applications and web services on the internet. GPX files contain longitude and latitude location data (optionally elevation, time, and other information) that may include waypoints, routes, and tracks.

What is a KML file?
KML (Keyhole Markup Language) has been adopted as an international standard for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers like Google Earth Pro. KML files may includes longitude and latitude location data in relation to placemarks, points, lines, polygons, and images. KML files are used to identify and label locations, overlay textures, create camera angles, and for adding HTML content to maps (for example links, color, font styles, etc.).

How to use our online GPX to KML converter?
Our online GPX to KML converter fully supports drag and drop. You can simply drop your GPX file into the drop area (the area surrounded by the dashed line with the text "Drag & Drop to Upload GPX File"). Alternatively you can click in that same area ("Click here and Browse GPX File to Upload") and manually browse your GPX file to upload. As soon as your GPX file has been uploaded it will be converted to the KML file format and a download dialog will show.

How to change track and route appearance?
Before uploading your GPX file you have full control over your track color, track line weight and track opacity. You find these controls just above the drag and drop section.

Why are routes not converted?
A route created in for example Mapsource of Basecamp (Garmin) is basically a set of route points (coordinates). Only if the software supports auto routing features a route between those points will be calculated. As our tool has no auto route funcionallity it is of no use to convert routes. All it will show in the KML file are useless straight lines between the route points.

Why did you build this GPX to KML converter for us?
I didn't. The truth is that I build this GPX to KML converter mainly for myself. So I will be able to convert my own hiking tracks and logs anywhere I have access to the internet. However, now this tool is online you are free to use it for yourself.

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